Bioheng Closes $15 Million Funding for CAR-T Products
February 14, 2019

Nanjing Bioheng Biotech completed a $15 million Series A financing, with all of the funds invested by Decheng Capital. Bioheng, which focuses on cell therapy products, is developing a universal CAR-T product that it expects will lower the cost of CAR-T therapies and solve the problem of graft v. host rejection. Founded in 2017, the company says it will use the proceeds to hire additional personnel, build GMP manufacturing facilities and develop its “off the shelf” universal immunotherapy products.

Bioheng's founding team is from Chinese Academy of Sciences, the University of Pennsylvania (where they trained with Professor Carl June's team), National University of Singapore, and London School of Economics and Political Science.

Bioheng owns immunotherapy patents and its core technology, along with a 6800 m2 GMP-level cell manufacturing plant and translational research center. Bioheng has accumulated expertise in cell modification and expansion, enhancing safety and effectiveness, and industrial quality management. Currently, the company has a pipeline of several cell therapies in pre-clinical development. It expects to make breakthroughs in immunotherapy therapy.

Simcere Pharma (HK: 214) of Nanjing provided angel funding for Bioheng that totaled "tens of millions of RMB."

Min Cui, PhD, founder and chairman of Decheng Capital, said: “We are very optimistic about the future of universal CAR-T and its great potential in curing cancers. We are highly impressed by the scientific background, pre-clinical data, product pipeline, and the entrepreneur spirit of Bioheng.”

Dr. He, founder and CEO of Bioheng, said, "We are honored to collaborate with Decheng Capital, a well-known investment institute in the field of biotech and pharmaceuticals. We appreciate Decheng Capital for its resonance with our mission, value and management model. Bioheng has raised more than 100 million RMB within one year."

Bioheng said that Universal Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cells (UCART) are “off-the-shelf” allogeneic products with consistent quality over time and from batch to batch. Their cost can be significantly reduced by industrialization and standardization over individualized CAR-T therapies. The company's optimized CRISPR-CAS9 gene editing protocols generate sufficient high potency cells to improve the safety and feasibility of gene-disrupted CAR-T cells, the company said.

Bioheng has established a cGMP grade production platform for manufacturing plasmids, viruses and cells, and an advanced quality assurance system to guarantee that regulatory requirements are met. Using its translational center and specialized R&D team, the company believes it is developing several innovative proprietary products, which should start clinical trials soon.

About Bioheng

BioHeng is a clinical biopharmaceutical and biotechnology Company focuses on novel immunotherapy and next-generation gene therapy development for treating cancers and various diseases. Founded in 2017, Bioheng has established a high standard GMP grade clinical translational center, and is leading in the field of cell engineering, proliferation and clinical applications. Particularly, Bioheng owns several cutting-edge patents plus extensive industry experience, and has built a complete, closed and automated production system in compliance with regulatory guidelines.

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